Don't Let Water Damage Sink In

Ask about our water extractions in the Stonewall, Bossier & Shreveport, LA areas

When your property floods, your first order of business is stopping the flow of water. Once a plumber or another professional has taken care of that, your next is removing the water to prevent further damage. That's where Gardner's Carpet Steam Cleaning comes in.

We complete water extractions in Stonewall, LA and surrounding areas like Bossier & Shreveport, LA when:

  • Pipes burst
  • Water heaters leak
  • Toilets flood

You can count on us to remove water from your home or business quickly. We've been handling water extractions for over 20 years, so you know we'll do the job right. Call 318-518-3707 now to take advantage of our 24/7 emergency services.

Flooding leads to mold growth

Mold can grow in moist conditions, so it's important to remove moisture from your building right away. Otherwise, you could need extensive mold remediation later. Our team can dry out your property with our blower fans and dehumidifiers. We'll also use a powerful:

  • Enzymatic treatment
  • Sanitizing treatment
  • Deodorizing treatment

You can rest assured that no mold is growing, no germs are spreading and no odors are setting in. Schedule our water extraction service now to avoid needing mold remediation down the line.

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